We offer on-demand supports to get your Learning Management Solution up and running, and keeping it that way. Our supports encompass four different areas of service – Project Management, Setup, Getting Started, and Operations.

Project Management Support

Selecting the right solution is only half the battle, and...

Project Management Support

Selecting the right solution is only half the battle, and to get the most out of your new LMS you’ll have to know how to effectively administer and integrate it into your organizational structure.

Our project management experts will help you identify where to start, and what are important steps that will help you to make the LMS implementation process streamlined, simplified, and stress-free.

This will help you to get the right team members on board, gather their feedback, and ensure that you are able to ultimately deploy the LMS you purchase.


Setup Support

LMS Setup are the one-time services needed to successfully...

Setup Support

LMS Setup are the one-time services needed to successfully configure and launch your learning management system. Our LMS Setup services include both Configuration Services and Technical Services.

Configuration Services

These services are offered to aid in the design and branding of your Learning Management Portal.

Configuration Consulting:

Our consultants will help configure your LMS solution to support your training program.

Branding Services:

Let us brand your LMS solution for you. We will configure your LMS solution to be an extension of your organization by setting colors, logos, and navigation.

Technical Services

Your LMS solution is your training platform and can be tailored to your needs. With our experts on your side, you have the power to bring your ideal training program to life.

Technical Consulting:

Sometimes configuration is not enough and you need to enlist the help of technical services. Through the power of our consultants, have your very own virtual IT department.

Modification Services:

Need your LMS code modified to meet your exact needs? We support custom code. Our technical consultants will customize the codes to your exact specifications. Since the customization is unique to your requirements, additional funds for software assurance apply.

Data Migration Services:

When implementing a learning management system, there may be valuable data in other systems that need to be migrated to your new LMS. We can import that data for you.

User Import:

Rather than you importing users manually one at a time, we will import user data from other systems and migrate it to your new LMS.

Course Catalog Import:

We will import past courses from other systems and migrate to your new LMS.

Integration Services:

In today’s world, inter-connectivity is key. Whether it’s connecting to Salesforce.com or your HRMS for user management, we can connect your LMS to 3rd party application.

Single Sign-On:

Allow your users to single-click login to the LMS from a 3rd party application.

Getting Started Support

Our Getting Started support aim with the goal...

Getting Started Support

Our Getting Started support aim with the goal to make you an LMS expert. Learn all about your new role as a Portal Administrator and how to make your LMS play by your rules.

Training Videos:

At Learning Brothers, we understand the need to learn at your own pace. That is why we provide the following complimentary Training Videos for you to view at your leisure and as often as you like.

  • Administrator Introduction to the LMS
  • Learner Introduction to the LMS
  • How to Manage Course Structures
  • How to Add a User
  • How to Add a Course
  • How to Add an Instructor
  • How to Enroll in a Course
  • How to View Reports
User Guides

User guide provides important information on ‘how to use the solution’ to end-users. With proper use of the solution there is much less risk, thus leading to lower downtime and significantly less expenses related to it. However, this is not the only benefit, though probably the biggest. We develop a comprehensive user guide for the solution to help better user adoption and trim down dependency on technical support. The custom developed user guides assist users to become more productive.

Operational Support

Operational Services help operate your LMS after you launch...

Operational Support

Operational Services help operate your LMS after you launch. These services provide ongoing support to help manage your training program. These services are either implemented by an LMS Administrator, Consultant, or Senior Consultant.

LMS Administrator

Sometimes taking on your new role as LMS Portal Administrator can be overwhelming. Gain access to your very own administrator that fully understands your LMS and the best way to operate it. Use our LMS Administrators as a source of knowledge or as part of your team! You can ask questions and receive guidance on how to use the system. You can also outsource part, or all, of your training administrating and have an LMS Administrator perform all your Portal Administrator roles and responsibilities.


Our consultants are here to handle any requests that an LMS Administrator cannot address. Our consultants consist of both technical and business consultants.

Technical Consultants

are available for reconciling errors and technical challenges in managing content and reports.

Senior Technical Consultants

are the most experienced consultants we have. They are the technical architects that have built our solutions and can handle major issues.

Business Consultants

are available for building learning paths, competency mapping, skill gap analysis, and much more.